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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  September 21, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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wres witleing charges. he has been played on indefinite suspensio if these allegations are true, this is highly inappropriate for anyone to be involved with, especially someone who deals with children. >> during the investigation of that traffic crash, the officer went and arrested him on those warrants. >> reporter: jackie benson, news 4 today. police arrested a second man in connection with one of the recent robberies in college park. 21-year-old al drew hilloff was one of three men who robbed several people at gunpoint on the 7200 block of baltimore avenue augu 8th. police released this surveillance tape showing him in the blue shirt and another suspect shortly after the robbery. he turned himself in on sunday.
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police arrested 19-year-old shaw last week in connection with the same robbery. 4:31 our time now. let's get fist look at weather andraffic for this tuesday morning. here's tom. >> we need a sweater or jacket. >> did thing grandma chopped the wood. we have wood stoves going in southern pennsylvania, west virginia. it's down into the 40s. frederick, 46 degrees in maryland. manassas, 46. dulles, only 50 degrees. near 50 in prince george's county. near 60 in waington and near the bay. elsewhe, we have temperatures in the 40s in west virginia, much of western maryland and pennsylvania. and on the eastern shore, the low 50s right now awa from the waters. so quite a cool start. but some are saying not so fast. it will be warming up tomorrow. today's high in the upper 70s to near 80.
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tomorrow, soaring to near 90. a chance a shower. near 90 again on friday. but you'll be turning cooler for the weekend. let's check traffic on this tuesday morning. how is it looking? >> tom, good morning to you. good mornin everyone. off we go. we have a ton of overnight road work. crossing over the 14th street bridge. no early worries there. loks like the same lane configuration of the last several days. capital beltway, inner loop and outer loop as you travel between i-95 and wilson bridge off to a very fine start. joe, eun. >> jerry, tha you. a death investigation under way after a body was found on the train tracks. csx wkers found a body late last night. police say the body may have been on the tracks for a few days. it is described of that as a black man in his 40s or 50s. two young children are in
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the hospital with injuries after a car hit them. it happened at about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. witnesses say the two were crossing polk street, ken el worth when they were hit. the driver stayed on the scene. no word whether charges will be filed. both children are 10 years old. u.s. transportation officials will hold a summit on distracted drivers. eir goal to remind everyone the dange of talking and texting on cell phones while driving. nbc's leap an greg reports on the latest study. >> reporter: heather heard died in a carcrash when a driver of a trtor trailer rig lost control, which caused a chain reaction. he was text messaging at the time of the accident. >> everyone has someone they love or adore and they can be
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taken from you in a maer of second. >> rerter: new deposit statisticsay distracted drivers killed 5,000 people last year and injured aalf dozen others. safety officials will convene in washington later today to discuss an epidemic talking on a cell phone. trying or reading a text. behavior some say should not be tolerated. >> we want the way we got drunk drivers off the road is when police arrested them and threw them in jail. we know the reason 85% of the people bckle up today is because tickets have been written and people really get it now. that's where we want to be with distracted driving. >> reporter: in addition to tough penalty the and greater awareness, safety advocates hope to change the culture in hopes of saving lives. leanne gregg, nbc news.
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floo a national highway transportation safety association study found the proportion of deaths connected to distracted drivers increased between t years of 2005 to 2009. the study found underage 20 group is most likely to drive distracted. maryland isetting its own version of the smart chip card. it can be used on maryland's public bus, bway and lit rail system but also on metro and regional buses, including ride on and the fairfax connector. in turn, they will be accepted wherever charm cards are accepted. it will cost $2.50 or can be purchased online or krvs stores for $10 with $7.50 preloaded on the car. in july, pentagon officials
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moved security screenings farther away from the pentagon toen increase safety. but that was protested saying it would limit access for the disabled. this move prompted by the shooting back in march when a man enteredhe station and began firing a gun, wounding two cars before being shot and killed by police. 4:36 is your time. ahead on news 4 today, former president jimmy carter tried to clarify something he said about other former presidents. plus, an ethical debate over a genetically altered fish that could beoming to supermarkets near you. nd a define chill in the
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the new standard of the world. this morning we're getting a look at the damage people in bermuda have to deal with after hurricane igor. it blasted the atlantic with high winds and rain. it knocked down trees, caused power outages and a few roads to buckle. many surfers in massachusetts are taking full advantage of the waves. the storm is hundreds of miles from new england. igor kicked up the surf along the peaches in gloester.
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wonder how long that will last? the rip current? >> maybe a couple more days. it take a few days to settle down after a big hurricane goes by. the buoy just off the coast reporting up to 10-foot seas this morning. right now we have temperatures chilly. down into the 40s to near 50 throughout much of the region. near 60 in washington. near t water later today we'll climb to 80 degrees with lots of sunshine. near 90 tomorrow and mostly sunny. a few clouds around. might have a passing shower. remaining hot near 90 degrees. a look at the weekend coming up in 10 minutes. let's check traffic on this tuesday morning. jerry, how is it looking? >> tom, looking pretty good in northeast washington. checking out kennelworth avenue.
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appears travel lanes are open. as you make the trip in from northeast. elsewhere, south of town, no concerns at the wilson bridge. 301, route 5, haven't had any issues to report. in from the north along i-270, we're okay. i-70 between frederick and baltimore moving along nicely. everything from the west, 66 toll road looking go. >> thank you very much, jerry. >> 4:41. 58 degrees. still to come, alarming numbers about what some experts predict will be the next epidemic in this country. and frankenfish. genetically modified salmon. a local mall gets caught up in the
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international coalition in afghanistan is dead after a helicopter crash. two others were injured in the crash, including a u.s. citize the location of the accident is not being disclosed and the cause of the crash is still being investigated. later this morning the transportation department will hold its second distracted driving summit. it claimed 5,000 lives on the roads last year. they will meet to brain form ways to stay focused behind the wheel. a man who officiates middle and highchool wrestling matches is being charged with child pornography. police made the arrest after three months of investigation two 10-year-olds are fighting for their lives after a car hit them. it happened yeerday afternoon, rather. the two ks were crossing polk street in northeast when they were e hit. the driver did stay on the scene.
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no word whether the driver will be charged. family and friends want answers after a devry university student was killed over the weekend. ashley mccray was found along bruce place in southeast. police found her slumped inside a car with a gunshot wound. she was rushed to the hospital but she died. friends say she went to a birthday party at a nightclub in northeast. >> she's sweet. she had no enemies. she's pretty. i just don't know why. >> she was last seen leaving the club with a man. police have not made any arrests so far in the case. >> an accused serial stabber faces more charges. michigan authorities charged with murder and four coun of attempted murder. the 33-year-old only faced attempted murder for one case when he was first arrested. michigan, ohio, and leesburg, virginia. five victims died. immigrati debate is
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hitting close to home thanks to a t-shirt being sold at a mall. it supported arizona's tough stance. maryland stands with arizo was offensive and a letter was sent to the mall saying it to take it down. the cost of caring for people with alzheimer's. researchers put the price tag at $600 billion a year and say that number will soar in the coming years. that has several groups calling on congress to make dementia a national priority. nbc'sracie potts on capitol hill to explain the report. >> do you know what kind of flowerhis is? >> petunia. >> if dementia were a country, it would be bigger than
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switzerland. ad i-reports today that dementia will cost $604 billion worldwide this year. >> it will cost us over the next 40 years $20 trillion just to care for people without ever investing to change the cose of the disease. >> with millions of baby boomers at risk, adis the u.s. needs a national plan like france, austria, england. today they are bringing signatures to capitol hill begging congress to make alzheimer's a national priority. >> we need a plan so we can see the changes occur for the people who would otherwise suffer from the diase in the years ahead. >> ad i-reports half of those are upper income. most in western europe. most of them living at home with a spouse. >> in fact, the authors of this report talk about thempact of
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alzheimer's on caregivers, something they can't put a price tag on. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. the report says it costs more than $60,000 to care for a person with alzheimer's. t food and drug administration is trying to figure out if the fish should be sold for human consumption. studies have already proven the process to be safe. >> the appearance, the taste, the texture and the biology the salmon is the same. >> new research showed cardiovascular and neurological benefits to eating salmon put a demand on the fish. if approved it would be the first genically engineered animal. the longest recession since world war ii ended. that annoced yesterday by the
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national bureau of economic research. the bureau says the recession actually ended in june 2009. it lasted 18 months. a meeting at the federal reserve are trying to figure out if tashl stops are needed to strengthen the economy and drive down unemployment. many voice their frustration to president obama during a cnbc town hall meeting yesterday. >> i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people. i'm waiting, sir. i don't have it yet. >> i can describe what's happening to the economy overall. but if you're out of work right now, the only thing that you're going to be hearing is when do i get a job. >> the president also chlenged republicans to say how they would cut spending and taxes without cutting programs like social security. now to the gulf oilisaster since bp permanently sealed the
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oil well. it will share the cleanup tools with other companies. the bp equipment used to the disaster could capture oil from a potential underwater blow-out. it will join chevron, exxon, royal dutch shell to develop a new rapid response oil containment system. it could be mobilized within 24 hours in the event of a disaster. as we approach 4:51, a beautiful, crisp fall day. >> feels nice and cool. great sleeping weather. >> i just got an e-mail from sandy kaiser in chambersburg, pennsylvania. her 85-year-old grandmother wants to stack the wood. she used to chop it. >> i was going to say >> they're already doing it. >> i thought you were going to say make grandpa chop the wood. the wood stove going in many
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locations. pennsylvania, west virginia, in the 40s. a few isolated areas in south mountain into the 40s, too. frederick, loudon county. fairfax and montgomery near 50. so is prince george's couy in the mid-50s. near 60 in waington. and right near the bay. it is just in the 40s this morning. it's a chilly morning on the eastern shore under this clear sky. we have the bright almost full moon on the eastern shore. low0s. a clear sky. very bright jupiter in the western sky. we are the osest to jupiter until the year 2022. we're about 50 million miles closer than normal. that's why it's on bght in the western sky. i'll show you a spectacular photo coming up. lots of sunshine. warming into the 70s noon
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time. near 80 by midafternoon. we'll have the brit full moon tonight and jupiter up as well. temperatures in the 60s through the evening. a warming trend. summer is not quite done. near 90 each day. a passing shower wednesday night late after midnight, perhaps on ursday. as we get into the weekend, more seasonable weather coming in. as we get into the last weekend of september, near 80 saturday, sunday, monday. high, 70. how is the traffic? >> doing pretty well so far this morning along interstate 270. at least on the southbound side no worries out of gathers burg, fall road and beyond southbound. pretty significant overnight
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road work northbound. again, any construction on the northbound side. making the trip inbound on 66 hard to tell. here's the ramp. 66 eastbound on to the inner loop. pretty quiet morning. >> thank you, jerry. 4:53. 57 grees. still ahead this morning, new arrest in a strong of robbery involving the university of maryland students. jimmy carter, how he's trying to clarify. be in it to win it. why some d.c. lot players got really lucky because a mistake. and xt, parents, we already know what toys you'll be scramble to go [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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three months until christmas and the hot holiday toytrends are starting to come in already. nerf stampede blaster will be the toy ts season. internet searches for the toy have jumped more than 1700%. what else is there? the sing-a-ma-jigs. it was one of the earliest to prent last year's zuzu crazy. someone could be $116,000 richer. the d.c. lottery made a
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mistakes. 1-18-37-39-44. but the issue was the powerball number. it was in fact, 13 not 14 as publicized. news 4's craig melvin explains the mixup. >> i don't want everybody knowing my numbers. >> reporter: may whitt field would not tell us which numbers she played. tim morris wouldn't either. but the die-hard powerballer did tell us why he's so confused. >> powerball, i came and it was 14. then i hear somebody tell me they de a mistake. >> the cashier tried explaining what happened. players like morrisant answers. >> is this human error computer error or machine error? how did it happen? >> reporter: we took his question straight to the top. buddy runs d.c. lottery.
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>> we know it was human error. we know that the wrong number was input by mistake. the poweall number, the very last number was 13. that was the real number. but for some reason the number 14 was input to the vendors, to the retailers who pay out on winning numbers. >> that was saturday night. by the time they discovered the problem it was late sunday morning. at meant even withhe wrong powerball number some folks got lucky. >> if they had a 14 they got a win and they wouldn't have otherwise. >> d.c. shutdown the system from 11:45 sunday morning until 9:00 sunday night to figure out how to fix the problem. only a handful of players were affected. the lottery lost less than 800 bucks. >> we're grateful it wasn't worse. we can tl you it won' happen again. >> some folks worry the big one may have gotten away. >> i hope the tickets threw away weren't a winner. >> lottery officials say they
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got dozens of calls but no one threw away a jackpot winner apparently from the calls. and no d.c. powerballickets won more than $100 on saturday night. former president jimmy carter is clarifying a statement he made during an interview with nbc's brian williams. take a listen to what he said in his own words. >> you were well off to the side on the right. and i ought to myself, there is a possible metaphor. what is it about you the way you have dided to conduct your life in post presidency? do you feel listened to? you fel that you ceive your due? or do you feel, in fact, apart from the crowd? >> no. i fl that my role as a former president is superior to that of other presidents primarily pause of the activism and the


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